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Innovation is an approach that calls for building bridges between actors to ultimately enrich our practices and thus improve the response to the needs expressed. I am convinced that a successful team leaves room for transversality and for human diversity, following common values of respect, collaboration and total diversity. I am also deeply convinced that the borders between science, art, culture, history and even philosophy hold some of the keys to building the world of tomorrow.



The environmental challenges of today require all of us to take responsibility for the direct impact of our work on the planet. For that, we need to change our mindset, ask questions and conceptualise solutions that focus on social and environmental sustainability.    

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Planet Centric Design

LMNT organizes and leads Planet Centric Design workshops in collaboration with the Finnish company Vincit. The objective is to accompany companies, institutions or associations in their quests for change and reduction of their environmental and social impact, in a multidisciplinary approach, to enable them to implement concrete actions.



The methodology proposed by Planet Centric Design aims to bring systemic attention to a project by jointly considering the financial, technological and social efforts associated with it. The Planet Centric Design methodology makes it possible to design products and services and carry out projects by creating value and synergies between stakeholders through innovative solutions that do not harm the planet. It's a challenge! And that's why we need design processes and tools that help us navigate this complexity and create better solutions for the advancement of society.



Sustainable development goals

In order to achieve the 17 United Nations Global Sustainable Development Goals and to address the interrelated global challenges of rapid urbanization, the climate crisis, resource depletion and pressure on productive land, we need a holistic approach.

We organize and facilitate workshops with you and the stakeholders in your project, company, business or other organization, in order to identify its impact on the planet (environmental, social, economic) throughout its value chain. We work with you to develop strategies and roadmaps that will allow you to make decisions and implement concrete actions.

Our references

Workshop Inox

INOX workshop

This workshop was held with the entire Inox team and had the objective of identifying Inox’s environmental impact through its internal activities and processes. This work allowed Inox to set up a roadmap and to identify actions to be undertaken to reach its objectives in terms of sustainability.

Workshop Be-Smart

Be-Smart workshop

This workshop allowed the partners of the European consortium of the Be-Smart project to establish its roadmap for the implementation of a strong industry in Europe in the field of building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV).

Workshop Freesuns

Freesuns workshop

During this workshop, we co-created a tool that allows Freesuns to have a view on its environmental impact along the different stages of its supply chain. In particular, it was possible to map the supply chain and its current environmental impact and to set strategic goals in terms of sustainability. This work has also enabled Freesuns to strengthen its differentiation in the market.

Workshop Panatere

Panatere workshop

This workshop held with the watchmaking company Panatere from Neuchâtel allowed the establishment of a common future vision between the actors involved in the steel recycling project set up by the company. It made it possible to identify the main sites enabled the start-up of the project and its realization.

Planet Centric Designer

Laure-Emmanuelle Perret

Laure-Emmanuelle Perret

Scientist in Physics and Chemistry, expert in technological development and innovation processes. Coordinator of national and EU consortium, orchestrator and leader of research groups.


Andy Matias

Andy Matias

Sustainability Strategist, expert on systems thinking and approaches to ecosystem collaboration. Employing vision and storytelling to inspire collaboration.


Carolina Faria

Carolina Faria

Planet Centric Designer, expert in innovation processes and service development. With a background in communication design , she visualises concepts that engage stakeholders.


Victoria Palacin

Victoria Palacin

Interaction Researcher, expert on online participation for sustainable development. Experienced EU consortium orchestrator and leader of user experience research studies.