Our society is facing major challenges in terms of the environment and energy. LMNT is a company committed to the ecological and energy transition and contributes, with you, to the construction of a sustainable and resilient world and society.

We are convinced that it is only with a multidisciplinary approach that we will be able, together, to meet the challenges we face and to advance our businesses. We provide you with our expertises in a range of areas, and support you in the implementation and realization of your projects, techniques and strategies in a strongly sustainable approach.

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To face the transition and the energy challenges, it is obvious that renewable energies and, more specifically, solar photovoltaic technologies have a decisive role to play. In Switzerland, the solar potential of all well-oriented roofs and facades is 50 to 70 TWh, which is more than the country's annual energy consumption. It is our mission, our commitment and our duty to engage with you to make this potential a goal and a reality.

LMNT supports you in your solar integration projects by allowing you to optimize the potential of the building you are constructing or renovating. We advise you on the technical aspects of your project but also on the architectural characteristics so that you can make the best, most well-informed choices.

In collaboration with the Finnish company Vincit, LMNT organizes and leads Planet Centric Design workshops. The objective is to support companies, institutions or associations in their quest for change and reduction of their environmental impact. Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to put concrete strategies and actions in place.

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