Laure-Emmanuelle Perret, a passionate and committed scientist, founded LMNT in 2017, a consulting and support office specializing in energy transition. 

LMNT also supports you in the deployment of your strategy in terms of sustainability at the heart of your company or organization.

Laure-Emmanuelle Perret

Laure-Emmanuelle Perret

An accomplished scientist with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, I am a passionate and committed researcher. Responsible for many years for the development of solar technologies within the photovoltaic divisions of CSEM and EPFL, I am deeply involved in issues related to the architectural integration of photovoltaics in the built environment. The field of photovoltaics is exciting from a technological point of view but also – and increasingly for me – from a societal point of view. Why is this technology, which is now reaching its point of maturity, not more easily accepted in society? And why, even though it would allow us to cover a very large part of our energy needs at extremely competitive costs, is it only so little used and is it struggling to be more widely accepted and adopted? The energy issue is by no means unique and has very great similarities to other environmental challenges for which technical solutions exist. The answer to these questions is clearly not technological but rather political, sociological, and even cultural.

An initiator and founding member of Compáz, I am deeply convinced of the positive impact of close collaboration between the scientific and artistic worlds and that in some of these collaborations we can find the keys that will allow us to build the world of tomorrow. It is from this perspective that, since 2020, I have been organizing and leading “Planet Centric Design” workshops with colleagues from the Finnish company Vincit. The objective is to support companies in their quest for change and a reduction of their environmental and social impact, in a multidisciplinary approach, in order to put concrete actions in place. 



Co-founder of Compáz

Working for a better world through Art and Science. Compáz is an incubation platform working on the creation, production and promotion of projects mixing science and art in order to promote social progress.


2018 -

Senior Scientist at the PVLAB of EPFL

Scientific expert and coordinator of the European projet Be-Smart.



Sector head at the PV-center CSEM

Responsible for the "Modules & Systems" sector and its strategic and operational activities at the CSEM PV-Center.

Boards of Directors


2020 -

Coopérative Migros Neuchâtel Fribourg

Member of the Board of Directors of the Migros Neuchâtel Fribourg Cooperative

Groupe E

2020 -


Member of the Board of Directors of the Groupe-e.